1. Competition at each qualifier and finals day will be within the timings of 9am and 9pm, this is subject to change based on number on entries, contingency for any problems such as weather, illness, unexpected delays/issues.


  1. You can enter as many qualifying events as you wish with several opportunities to qualify.
  2. You can enter with different or same partner.
  3. An individual can only qualify for finals once.
  4. You can enter as many qualifiers as you like, even if seeded (and have already qualified for the grand finals) but as an individual you cannot qualify for grand finals twice, your partner (if not part of finals day rink) can nominate a new partner to play with in grand finals.
  5. Should a pair qualify twice with same partner then the next highest seeded individual will be asked to play in the grand finals.


  1. There are no uniform rules other than no indecent exposure, we encourage fancy dress.
  2. Bowls Shoes to be worn on greens at the discretion of the home hosting club, we will allow sandshoes or flat trainers for young children.


  1. You will receive all your game information including rink number and stickers for the days event and a rough time guide.
  2. Upon receipt of your cards you can start each game as soon as your opposition is ready and the relevant rink is free.
  3. Two full trial ends allowed before the first group match only.
  4. A coin toss will decide who bowls the first end of each game, including potential tie-break at end of the day.
  5. Each qualifying game will consist of 6 ends.
  6. You and your partner will have 4 stickers (0,1,2,3), these will replace the value of your bowl – so with 8 bowls a maximum of 12 shots can be scored per end.
  7. Dead Ends – if an end is killed it will count as part of the 6 ends played. However the value of the bowl used to kill the end will be deducted from the guilty party that killed its score (example if a bowl with the number 2 on was used to kill the end, that team will lose 2 shots that end).
  8. 3 points will be awarded for a win, 1 point awarded for a draw.
  9. Shots for and against will be counted and used to decide teams on same points.
  10. Where top 2 team of group finishes with exact same points and shot difference a 1 end tie break will take place. This will be the same if any knockout semi-final or final should a tie break be required.
  11. Carpet Bowls and Junior Bowls will be allowed in this event to allow younger children to bowl and not be disadvantaged.
  12. 1 substitute can be used in each Qualifier and/or Grand Finals Day
  13. If a team doesn’t turn up or walks away early without permission, we will make every effort to adapt (see contingency), however if not possible the team with no game will be awarded 3 points and 6-0 victory.
  14. Other than rules stated above, all other rules will be as per Bowls England.


  1. For each qualifying event that makes the standard number of entries of 24, prize money will be as advertised and 4 teams will qualify for the grand final at South Park.
  2. For each qualifying event that makes the standard number of entries of 24, there will be 4 groups of 6 teams. All teams within that group will play each other once. The top team from each group will not only qualify for the grand final, but will also pay in a semi-final and final to play for that particular days prize money.
  3. Where a venue only receives 12 entries only 2 teams will qualify and there will only be 2 cash prizes. If a venue has 32 or more (bigger green capacity) entries a further entry qualification spot may be made available.


  1. Ranking started from our first Zero Bowls Event in 2022.
  2. The Top 10 seeded individual before each annual event shall be invited directly to the Grand Finals with a partner of their choice.
  3. Seeding Points Awarded per individual person as follows:-
    • 30 Points for Grand Finals Winners
    • 20 Points for Grand Finals Runners-Up
    • 15 Points for Grand Finals Semi Finalists
    • Points for Grand Finals League Position (eg. 6 points if top of a group of 6, 1 points if bottom of a group of 6)
    • 15 Points for each Qualifer Finals Winner
    • 10 Points for each Qualifer Runners-Up
    • 5 Points for each Qualifer Semi-Finalists
    • Points for each Qualifier League Position (eg. 6 points if top of a group of 6, 1 points if bottom of a group of 6)
  4. Points will be accumulated by each event and each year, naturally the more qualifiers you enter, the more points you will accumulate.

Seeding List to date:


  1. Weather – if a full event day is called off it may be rearranged if practically possible, however refunds or offers of other venues (if available) will be offered. This may affect overall prize monies should it have a material impact. If weather is un-bowlable for parts of a day some discretion to the hosting club will be allowed to shorten ends, or lessen number of games to make sure event dies go ahead will be allowed, this may have an impact on the level of opposition left to play, rinks played on etc and some luck will be involved. We will try to avoid this position but discretion and common sense will be allowed to try and ensure all events go ahead. If it is the grand finals day that is affected, then the same process will be used or another date arranged, refunds will not be due to qualifiers should they not be able to make the finals as they will have already played a full days bowls. Refunds will not be issued to any teams walking away refusing to play should the hosting club feel the competition can still go ahead safely.
  2. Teams that don’t show – Where teams do not show up, we will try to replace them with any available last minute entries or reserves without a redraw. Where teams that leave early without permission their opposition will receive 3 points and a 6-0 win. Teams that do leave early without permission will not be invited back the following year.
  3. Late teams – Teams will be given 30mins before being eliminated
  4. Venues with more than 24 entries – there may be an extra game and less ends played in groups to fit games in
  5. Venues with less than 24 entries – we will attempt to have equal groups and keep format wherever possible but some discretion may be allowed.
  6. Prize Money – we will try to honour all prizes advertised – this will only be changed if sponsors dropped out, a significantly low number of entries. For example if a venue has to be called off due to circumstances such as weather and refunds are to be made.